Golf Ball Art

Have you ever thought of other ways to use golf balls other than in the golf course? After all, these balls are known for their durability. The maximum damage they can get would be dents and scratches. The question now is, “How damaged would a golf ball have to be before you would stop playing with it?” The answer would lie on you. If you think that you can no longer play with it in the golf course, then maybe it is time to give it up.

golf ballsIf you are on the creative side, then there is a great possibility that you will try to think of a way to use the ball for a creative project instead of throwing it away. The good news is that there are a few ways to recycle it. If you plan to complete projects that use a golf ball, well, here’s an article that just might help you get started. There are a lot of things that you can actually create out of the used and damaged golf balls that you have. Mentioned below are just some of them:

1. Since golf is an outdoor sport, why not think of creating an art in your garden using your non-functional golf ball? Note that your garden will always offer an excellent means to be creative and productive. Try lining your flower beds or making a walkway using the balls. The only downside is that collecting these balls will require a lot of patience.

2. If you would like to finish a project for your garden which is a bit harder or can make you feel more engaged in the activity, then making cute animals such as ants or ladybugs by attaching two or three balls and finishing them up using wires for their antennae and legs is a great idea. Aside from looking cute, you can also expect them to improve the attention-grabbing ability of your yard.

3. Using the golf balls inside flower containers will also help the water to drain properly. As we all know, proper drainage is essential in getting a healthy and flourishing garden. Make sure to utilize the required number of balls to fully cover the bottom part of the container. If there are small gaps, then don’t worry since these also serve a purpose. The next step would be adding the potting dirt or soil. You can then plant the herbs, shrub and flowers as you normally do.

4. If you love picnics, then you can invent tablecloth weights sewed or clipped into the corners. This way, you will no longer get frustrated if a huge gust of wind catches the tablecloth when you are out on a picnic, picks the tablecloth up and turns all the food over. You can actually utilize the used golf ball as tablecloth weight. You only need to sew the golf balls into the corners of the tablecloth to add some weight.

5. If you have fish tanks and you wish to improve their look, then you can also make use of your golf ball. You can use it as decorations or pebbles for the tank.

6. A golf ball also comes with a round shape which is perfect for Christmas ornaments. If you are interested in creating ornaments at home during the holidays, then consider using your old golf ball to create one. If you want a simpler version of this ornament, then all it takes is for you to glue the ball into your Christmas tree or decorations using a hook. In case you plan to create a winter theme this holiday season, then leaving it white is surely a great idea. It is also possible to integrate more color into it by painting it with gold, red or any color that you prefer.

7. And finally, though this has nothing to do with art projects, note that you can make money by selling partially damaged golf balls with minor scratches and dents into the market. You can sell these to aspiring professional golfers who are still on the stage of mastering the sport.

The Various Types of Lanyards

Over the past few decades, lanyards have become a staple on one’s office attire or uniform. Lanyards can be seen almost everywhere on the streets. An office worker would be seen eating by a hotdog stand and wearing a lanyard. A security guard also would sport a lanyard while guarding the entrance to an establishment. At exhibitions and conventions, organizers, participants, and guests are asked to wear color-coded lanyards to distinguish them. While lanyards blend well with one’s clothing, it may be a nice idea to know what the types of lanyards are. One of the best types of lanyards are the badge lanyards, which allow identification cards to be placed in them and you can find them in

Lanyards are strings or cords worn around the neck. One can also find double- or single-string lanyards. The double string lanyards are for holding ID cards or sunglasses while the single string lanyards are used for lighter materials. Lanyards keep one’s items near and accessible.

badge lanyardsWhile representing one’s business, educational center, or organization, a person may want a high quality yet unique lanyard. Moreover, as for promotional materials, customized lanyards are the best. This is because they are convenient for holding ID badges, membership cards, or even keys. Lanyards can be crafted from various materials and the most popular ones are nylon, eco-friendly lanyards, tubular, woven style, and polyester.

Nylon badge lanyards are normally used to hold security cards, ID badges, and ID cards within a workplace or organization. Nylon lanyards – because of their durability – are used for many other purposes. They are also considered to be the best custom-printed lanyards when it comes to quality. Nylon lanyards, because of their smooth finish and shine, are also the best choices if one wants to have a detailed screen print. Aside from being the strongest, the nylon ones are the better marketing tools especially if they have a company’s details imprinted on them.

Tubular badge lanyards are reasonably priced yet stylish. They are made of tube-stitched polyester that makes the lanyards resemble shoelaces. The tubular form is comfortable for the user and it will not pull on the person’s hair and it can be worn for long durations. Tubular lanyards are made from polyester twill fabric and they are also excellent marketing tools. Tubular lanyards are highly customizable. One can choose from various colors and can imprint logos, text, slogans, or images from the entire lanyard. There are also various attachment choices.

Woven style badge lanyards are cost-effective especially when it comes to a business’ marketing campaign and they are made of top-quality polyester. Various texts, images, logos, slogans, and other identification marks can be woven into the lanyards. While woven lanyard are similar to polyester lanyards when it comes to materials, the process in making them is different. If one wants to enhance a logo or message, woven lanyards are the best choice. Polyester twill fabric, which comes in various sizes, is normally used to create woven lanyards. One can also find double- or single-string lanyards with various sizes. A standard woven lanyard’s length, however, is 36 inches.

Lastly, polyester badge lanyards are highly popular as they work great and are priced reasonably. It is made of 100 percent polyester fabric and comes in various sizes. These lanyards are also very comfortable to wear and come with practical prices and distinctive image quality. This type of lanyard comes in the form of promotional lanyards, plain lanyards, breakaway lanyards, unprinted lanyards, or imprinted lanyards. The lanyards made of polyester look professional and come in various forms like pack type, tieback, tubular, or shock-absorbing lanyards. Sublimation and hot stamping are processes used to imprint designs on the polyester lanyards.

Things You Must Know About PCB Components

Choosing components for your printed circuit boards may not be an easy task. From a wide range of components, choosing the right items for your pattern is very confusing. To guide you in choosing components for printed circuit boards, here are some things you must be aware of.

• Finalize the traces where the components will be mounted.

pcbnetComponent footprints must be well-defined first. If you know the pattern beforehand, making your design is easier. Each component has its own respective footprint. Given below are some of the things you must consider when choosing components according to their footprints.

1. When you say footprints, you are talking about the mechanical dimensions and the electrical pad pathways of the component. This term also pertains to the body outline and pins attaching the component to the printed circuit board. You need to consider all housing constraints on all sides of the PCB. You may also think about the height clearance restrictions of some components. At first, make a rough draft of the board outline. In this outline, you must put the large components in their respective position. In this way, you can imagine the PCB output, whether components can still be accommodated or not.

2. Land patterns pertain to the pads and holes present on the PCB. It tells the shape of holes and types of pads. You need to know the actual size of the board. In this way, you will know if the soldering process can be done smoothly.

3. During the design stage, component choices may vary from time to time. You must consider component’s availability, space, power dissipation and price.

• Utilize high-quality grounding components.

Ensure that your printed circuit board has enough ground planes and bypass capacitors. If you include integrated circuits on your PCB, use enough decoupling capacitors beside the ground plane. The suitable size of the capacitors depends on how you will apply them. It may also vary depending on the capacitor frequency and technology. If you want to optimize your PCB’s susceptibility performance and electromagnetic compliance, you may place some bypass capacitors across the ground and power pins.

• Finalize the footprints for the virtual parts.

Since visible footprints are disabled in virtual parts, you need to use a bill of materials (abbreviated as BOM) for finalizing them. In the BOM, you can only see the power and ground signals because they are the virtual components. They are commonly manipulated in schematic environments.

• Make sure that your BOM information is complete.

After generating the BOM data, take your time in reviewing it. You may remove or add components as needed. If some information is missing, be sure to fill it up.

• Classify reference indicators.

It will be easier to sort and review the BOM data if your reference indicators are properly labeled.

• Look for components that do not depreciate with time.

It would be better if the component is known to last for about 30 years. Some components that do not degrade are circuit breakers, tantalums, and software controls. Using the right component can prevent the semiconductor junctions from being exposed to voltages. You must use proper-sized semiconductors, inductors and resistors to ensure that they will not exceed their internal temperature limitations. You must consider heat and voltage all the time because they can make the components short out.

• Use alternative components.

All printed circuit boards should have a second design plan. If a certain component is unavailable, you can use alternative components so that you can still continue making the PCB. If one of the components is missing, the entire circuit may not work. Once the component shorted out, make sure to replace it immediately. You can also buy the same components from different suppliers. In this way, you can see the difference in their qualities. If you will make another batch of printed circuit boards, you must buy the component with better quality.

What You Need to Know about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is vital in maintaining healthy pregnancies. This reproductive hormone is secreted by the placenta during early pregnancy. Some other common names for this essential hormone are HCG, A.P.L, Chorex, Chorigon, Novarel, Pregnyl, and many others.

How is HCG Produced?

During the earliest stages of pregnancy, a liquid-filled sack or placenta begins to form around the human embryo. The placenta is composed of cells which are responsible for producing the hormone.

Due to the prevalence of human chorionic gonadotropin in the body during the first week of fertilization, it often manifests prominently in the urine. As such, it is one of the hormones which can determine a positive result in most at-home and hospital pregnancy tests.

HCG throughout the Stages of Pregnancy

HCG dropsHCG is first produced during the first five to seven days after fertilization. As the placenta and the embryo it houses continue to grow, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone levels also continue to increase. In fact, by the second week of the second month of pregnancy, the hormone levels would have already doubled many times over.

Once it reaches its peak level at around six weeks, HCG levels would then start to decline until only traces remain throughout the rest of the pregnancy. By the twelfth week of pregnancy, the placenta becomes the main source of progesterone after the human chorionic gonadotropin hormones start to diminish.

Benefits of HCG

Progesterone production is one of the most important roles of the reproductive hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. Progesterone is essential in increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is produced by the ovarian gland known as the corpus luteum.

During the ovulation stage of every woman’s menstrual cycle, a single egg is released with the hopes of being fertilized. After the egg’s release, the corpus luteum immediately begins producing progesterone. It will continue to do so for up to two weeks.

If the egg remains unfertilized at the end of two weeks, progesterone production will cease and the pituitary gland will take over in producing another type of hormone. This hormone simulates follicles to shed the womb lining and initiate the menstrual cycle.

In the event that a sperm ends up fertilizing the egg and initiates cell division, progesterone production must continue in order to prevent the initiation of the menstrual cycle. Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone solely responsible for ensuring the constant production of progesterone during this delicate time. Without HCG, it would be nearly impossible for conception to take place since the egg would be unable to implant itself in the womb.

Disadvantages of Excessive HCG Levels

Even after numerous studies have been conducted, there is still very little evidence that directly links excessive HCG to any negative effects. Likewise, cases where large amounts of HCG are detected are rarely encountered.

Nevertheless, it can still be a cause for concern whenever high levels of the hormone are determined. Too much human chorionic gonadotropin can result from molar pregnancies or the over production of the placenta which is one of the causes of cancer in some patients.

For some cases, detecting exceedingly high levels of HCG can also be linked to other cancers which are unrelated to the pregnancy itself. Tumors or cancers of other internal organs such as the breast, lungs, kidney, and others could actually be detected by the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine.

Although Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome, high HCG hormone levels have also been suggested to play a role in the development of the condition. Through various studies, it has been noted that women carrying babies with Down syndrome usually have twice as much HCG flowing in their blood and urine. Nevertheless, the direct link of this phenomenon has yet to be established. As such, human chorionic gonadotropin is still not a primary cause of Down syndrome.

Perks of Owning Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are now trendy items that make the recipients of them happy and thankful. Any person would be glad to receive a customized coin from someone special. There are a lot of pre-designed challenge coins but the customers are allowed to modify its design and style. It’s ridiculous that a simple coin can bring a lot of benefits to everyone. Commonly, custom challenge coins are exchanged among the members of the group. Sometimes, the group leader would distribute such coins to his fellowmen as a sign of appreciation. It is a common practice of organizations to give members challenge coins that would best represent their group. It is said that groups that have their custom challenge coins have a greater edge over other groups that do not have these. A positive feeling is the usual result upon giving and receiving such coins. The meaning of the challenge-coin-sharing practice is that the leader appreciates his members’ hard work, efforts, sacrifices and achievements. It is great for someone to know that someone appreciates the things he has done.

Custom Challenge CoinsIf someone gives you a challenge coin, then you may feel that you acquire camaraderie, unison, and a sense of belongingness from that person. Mostly, all members would receive custom challenge coins as tokens that signify the group’s shared identity. Before, each member of a particular unit, whether public or private, was forced to take a membership test. This test is to clarify that he belongs to a certain unit. Such activity is usually done by private groups. If someone does not pass the membership test, and does not have any proof like membership challenge coin, then he will be asked to pay for all the food and beverages consumed during the meeting. Another consequence is that he may be subjected to the process of humiliation and other rituals. Thus, at the early times, owning and carrying challenge coins is very important. This coin protects someone from being bullied by other groups. As a result, such coins are not taken for granted by the people in the past.

Another benefit of receiving such coins is that you feel that someone recognizes all your efforts and sacrifices. Like a prize for winning a contest, this coin can encourage someone to continue his good attitude and behavior towards his work and life. The person receiving the coin would try his best to gain another coin. In companies, these coins serve as awards for employees who display an exemplary performance that is worth-acknowledging. When your boss gives you a coin, it only means that he gives value to what you have contributed to the company. In certain organizations, receiving a challenge coin may pertain to accepting privileges which are only given to members who have shown their loyalty and excellence at all costs. Not all members are granted with these coins. But if the coins are distributed to all members, it means that the members as a whole have done something that benefits the organization. Usually, war heroes and survivors receive challenge coins for their patriotism and courtesy.

Another benefit of custom challenge coins is that it promotes camaraderie among team members. In this case, the members of the group share a single identity through possessing coins. These coins serve as their reminder that they have a goal to achieve. When all members feel a sense of belongingness, they tend to contribute more things to the group. If someone feels that he is an outcast, then he may be afraid to share his thoughts and plans with the group. By sharing a common identity, doubting group members can be avoided. No one would feel that someone is superior to him. Thus, the group can work in a productive and coherent manner.


Custom challenge coins are now trendy items that make the recipients of them happy and thankful.

How to Survive One’s First Keynote Speech

Being invited to be a keynote speaker for the first time is an important milestone in one’s life. It means that the person has grown considerably in terms of expertise and has quite a bit of influence. It means that someone regards that person as having the communication skills required to set the highlights of a conference and convey ideas to an audience. Many people feel a sense of pride for being requested to share ideas to a crowd for about half an hour or more, but many more feel anxious. This is natural, for fear of public speaking is very prevalent in society. Fortunately, public speaking can be learned. With enough knowledge and practice, practically anyone can deliver a keynote address worthy of applause.

Basically, a keynote speaker, through the delivery of a speech, helps the audience grasp the purpose and theme of an event. A keynote speech gives an idea of what to expect in a conference. It gives a glimpse of the ideas that the organizers want to present to the audience. It also serves to pique the interest of the audience, making them curious and more eager to participate in the conference.

MotivationOne of the things that a keynote speaker should prepare is the content of the speech itself. While this may seem obvious, some speakers focus on other aspects, such as rich media or gestures, but neglect the quality of their actual speech. These speakers need to learn a thing or two about the basics of public speaking. One important tip is to remember to focus on a single idea. Supporting ideas should be used, but all must contribute to the main idea. Another important tip is to make sure the speech is informative but clear. With carelessness, it is easy to clutter an otherwise good speech with unnecessary details. It is also a good idea to occasionally use humor to lighten up a speech. One should just remember that a conference is not a comedy bar.

Another thing that can be of immense help to a keynote speaker is research. One should know as much as possible about the company values, the nature of the conference, and the audience profile. A speaker could ask the organizers or look up the company and the event online as part of the research process. Once information is gathered, the speaker must use them to create a speech that is custom-built for the occasion. It will become easier to relate to the audience and persuade them, or at least put them in a more analytical mood.

As mentioned before, there are speakers which use rich media as part of their talks. Provided that the content of the speech is already taken care of, rich media can greatly enhance the impact of a keynote address. Using videos, music, or other presentation tools can make retain interest and convey ideas more clearly. It is important to remember though that using rich media requires technical preparations. Speakers should communicate properly with organizers in order to avoid any technicalities.

It is necessary for a speaker to practice numerous times days, even weeks before the event. Whether one decides to read from a written speech, to use cue cards, or to rely purely from memory, practice will help any speaker correct any mistakes and find ways to improve.

Finally, one should take into account the image that should be conveyed to the audience. It varies, depending on the formality of the event, but generally a strong and confident personality is desired. A speaker should wear appropriate proper attire. Words should be chosen carefully and gestures should be performed such that they complement the atmosphere of the conference.

A keynote speaker who takes enough time and effort to prepare properly will perform well. Such a person can expect to receive more invitations in the future.

More Web Design Elements That Hinder SEO

Web design has gone through a lot of changes today. In the past, you would have to do a minimal amount of things to get noticed. Today you have to do a lot to gain leverage within the search world. Search engine optimization takes on a whole new meaning when you put it in the right locales of your site. Let’s assume that you didn’t adhere to proper protocol in your design, and now you are looking to find a way to get more traffic. You could start from scratch, looking into optimization elements in your design and off your site as well, but you will have to overcome the issues that are present with bad elements that you may have grown accustomed to. If you have a good design in place, one that you think is grand, but you are getting no traffic, the chances are that you have something in the way. The following are more elements to look into as far as design versus seo.

Too Much Writing

SEO BlogYour main home page and the subsequent pages should not have too much text. Having an overflow of text will only prove to cause you a great deal of detriment. There’s a lot of different ways that you can attract attention on the web, and a grand majority of it will be a matter of the words you choose to display on your page. However, they can also pose detrimental issues if you have too much of it. If your pages have 500 – 1,000 words of text and no major breaking points of content, you are doing it wrong. Take your text and truncate it so that you only post the right message to your end user, and that’s it. This will push your seo in a much better capacity.

Too Many Images

Flooding pages with images is not a good idea. You’ll want to make sure that you have images that complement the site and are not the main part of it. If you have too many photographs in place, you will not be able to get the proper loading time that you need to succeed on the web. Too much of a good thing is not good in life nor is it on the web. Having too many graphics, visual design elements, and more will complicate the loading of the site and will negate what you’re doing to get placements within the internet world. SEO hinges on balance, and this is not a balanced approach.

Lots of JavaScript

In the past, you needed to include a lot of JavaScript to make functions on your site pop. Today, you don’t need that, especially with HTML5 coming into the frame. If you are still relying on this scripting for functionality, you are going to find that it hinders your reach for seo compliance. You need to curtail this and use it sparingly or not at all. If your html page looks like a long winded essay, then you will need to stop it. Modify it, change it to be slimmer and use off site pages to help you feed your page with the right protocol. If you have too much scripting, you will have bad loading time and that will cause you a great deal of frustration overall.

The above elements are just some of the web design elements that can hinder your reach within optimization. SEO relies heavily on a lot of elements that go hand in hand with proper web design. Do not allow yourself to miss out on the right elements, because you are chasing the wrong visual design flow. It’s very important that you consider this overall and move slowly through the changes so that you rank in time.

There is seemingly no end in regards to how far you can take your SEO blog efforts to.