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Who am I and what makes me different?

I’m going to tell you my story, about how lost I felt in the past and the way I set the fire back into my life:

I originate from Northern Virginia. After graduation, I moved out to Northern Arizona with Lily, my close friend from college, to “seek for a change” in her hometown as she suggested.

You know, Lily is my best friend so she seems to know every piece of my soul. Lily believed that if there’s anyone in this damn world needed a change, that should be me.

Yes, I have to admit that at that time, I felt like something in me INTERNALLY is out of whack. It’s not because of the fact that I just broke up with my boyfriend.

Trust me, that bad relationship was just a straw that broke the camel’s back. Deep down, I know there’s something even worse than that, it’s like a chip was broken deeply in me. And I didn’t know how to fix it.

Then, I got there, Northern Arizona.

And guess what! The shift did happen.

It has been the best decision I ever made. Ya feel me, moving to Northern Arizona, and the very first thing I could saw here was this land had no place for sorrow. Exactly, heartache can’t appear in this four-season hub of activity.

Lily did impress me as a host and made me surprised about how skilled she was at hiking, mountain biking, camping, and boating.

And, omg, I loved our great times camping near Prescott Circle Trail SO MUCH.

Beneath the sheltering mountains and summer rains, the Northern Arizona’s Valley seems to be extremely green and lush. Always.

This land does remind me of my favorite song “Valley, mountain, there is a fountain… washes our tears all away” *

As Lily often says, Northern Arizona is like a good guy and its spacious vistas and cool, clean mountain air can change my mood. I totally agree with her because my favorite song seems to come true. Now, I’m really feeling good and I do find my internal peace here. A new me, wild and free!

I soon consider this land as my land, not only for its beauty but also for the truth that this is the start of my travel life. To me, Northern Arizona and trips do help things go up. “Hey, Cameron, The Journey From HERE!”, a thousand times my little girl inside me tenderly told me that.

About my Blog

I decided to run this blog because I want to help inspire you to create a life that is meaningful to you.

Besides, I also share with you our experience to help find the gear that’s right for you, without the sales pitch.

That’s why I test equipment outside, where you will be needing it, and not in the comfort of a sterile laboratory.

This is what I love to do. Experience and sharing. It’s my life’s passions.

I believe that: It does not matter how many places you traveled, we are all connected and affect each other somehow.

Together, we can find the inspiration to chase our dreams and find a deeper meaning of this beautiful world.

P.S. Let me know your story or enthusiasm by leaving me a comment! I always read every single message.

Cameron with love.

* (If we hold on together – Diana Ross)


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