Bodybuilding App At Home For Android & iPhone

Today, a lot of people own at least a smartphone or tablet for themselves. With the development of technology, a cellphone nowadays is not only a contact tool, it also brings about so much fun and helps us access to entertainment.

We can download games, music, social network apps, etc. from the Google Play store. We can watch films, movies, and news programs via available mobile apps.

But did you know that there are even many bodybuilding apps that are absolutely interesting and effective for your workout?

You may think: “How can the apps improve my bodybuilding? It is not something you can do electronically”

Yes, bodybuilding needs a lot of effort, dedication, discipline, and a proper diet.

However, besides jumping on machines at the gym center, you can use apps to guide you with effective weight-lifting routines or recommended nutritional information.

If you are using Android or iPhone, these below will be the best bodybuilding apps for you:

1. Body space

BodySpace is something like a social network for the bodybuilder’s community. Instead of joining a bodybuilding group on Facebook, you can use this app to access a huge collection of workout videos and tips.

The app also provides a free social network available on its official website, where you can track your workout process and connect with other like-minded people to raise inspiration and motivation to reach your goal faster.

With BodySpace, you will be able to create your own workout plan based on basic knowledge or recommendations from experienced trainers, while watching through all other bodybuilders’ reviews on their progress.


This can be used for bodybuilders at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trainer, you can download this and access more than 1300 exercises with detailed videos and instructions.

JEFIT can be a training diary and also a perfect personal trainer for those who are in bodybuilding progress. All the vast bases of various exercises are composed by both professional trainers and bodybuilders of lower levels. You can plan your workout and see detailed statistics of your progress.

Each exercise will have particular instructions on how to do it properly step-by-step with visual illustrations so that users can understand it easily. And most importantly, it doesn’t need an internet connection. You can use it right away with automatic mode.

3. AtletIQ

AtletIQ is considered one of the best bodybuilding apps to get a perfect body shape. It can be used for both Android and iPhone. So, as long as you possess a smartphone, you can download and enjoy using it.

Like BodySpace, this app also brings you to a community of almost 50 thousand people who are working hard every single day to build a good body. It includes more than 600 weight loss and weight gain exercises depending on your purpose.

Besides, you can also look through 100+ verified training programs for practicing at home or the gym. You will easily learn how to do each exercise by yourself via understandable tutorial videos and photos.

The levels are divided into 3 different groups: beginners, advanced and professional, so try choosing the most suitable one for you.

4. GymBoom

If you can’t afford to exercise with a personal trainer, this would be a great alternative choice for you. It can help to design workout plans for women to achieve a perfect shape or for men to get perfect abs.

You can use the calendar on the home screen to control the completed and planned training. You will see what you have done so far and what is the next task. The app also displays training statistics along with quotes from famous athletes, so you can feel more inspired and get bigger motivation.

The courses available on this app are quite various. You can choose the posture exercises, endurance training, weight loss exercises, workout and meals, bodybuilding workout log, and start exercising for different parts of your body.

5. Bodyweight – You are your own gym

Bodyweight would be a perfect choice for bodybuilders if they cannot access the gym or workout equipment. That’s why it is called ‘You are your own gym’ on Android devices.

The app provides a lot of different exercises, including both individual ones or sequences focusing on using your own body weight for resistance. Each movement will have detailed instruction by text or videos for illustration, so you will be able to practice them properly.

Currently, this app is available in many languages like Arabic, Basque, German, simplified Chinese and Mandarin Chinese as well. You can choose your own preferential language to understand more easily.

6. Fitness Coach FitProSport

This is also on the list of best bodybuilding apps for Android and iPhone. It is very user-friendly. You don’t need to register or key in any data at the first step. Just download it and access the tabs inside.

In the Exercises section, there are more than 100 exercises divided into different groups based on the muscles you want to focus on. Because the number of exercises is quite big, the app also provides a search tool for users to find out what they want.

You can save every completed exercise in the log and see all the data in the Result section daily. Usually, after installation, the Body measurements tab only shows your weight, but you can add other parameters by naming them and selecting the unit of measurement.

This app has 2 versions: the free one and the charged one. You can try the free version first to get the most basic experience, then decide if you should buy the full version.

Actually, the full version is not that expensive. It provides more exercises, more training programs, and more functions, as well as removes all annoying advertisements. So, it’s quite worth trying.

7. Freeletics bodyweight

This bodybuilding app offers a variety of exercises based on your level. Before you start, you just need to do a quick registration and answer a few questions about your goals. There are also two types: the free version and the services of a personal trainer.

The charged version has more advanced options, but you can choose the free one. It contains enough exercises that you can practice whenever you want.

Unlike other apps, Freeletics allows you to specify the total workout duration from 5 to 45 minutes. Then it calculates how much time you have spent on a particular activity, and saves the result in your personal account.

With this app, you can also add other athletes, connect with a community of Freeletics representatives, and try to surpass their achievements to become the champion.

One more interesting function of the app is that it can help find places for training. You can look for some stadiums, treadmills, or parks following the geo-tags of other users. So it would be very convenient.

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