11 Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat At Home

We all know that every one of us is trying to register for a new gym membership card on the 1st day beginning of the year, and losing belly fat is one of the most common new year resolutions we promise to ourselves.

However, we usually cannot cross it out at the end of the year.

Taking a long way to the gym gets affected by many things, like weather, traffic jam, transportation, stress at work, bad mood, hunger, appointments, etc. so our laziness can create many excuses. I’m with you in this case.

I always head to the gym every day in the first month and think that this time it’s gonna be different and I can keep up my routine as I dreamed of, my own ideal body shape as I want to.

But let me tell you, it’s never gonna be that easy. Hence, I have an idea, that I prepare a number of amazing bloggers and channels to follow through on Youtube.

Whenever I feel that an hour of training at the gym is too much for me during the day, I spend 10-15 minutes to practices several sequences or workout sets that target some specific parts of my body and keep myself moving at home.

Hereafter is the list of the best exercises that I collected and followed throughout the time I wanted to make my waist smaller and reached my flat-ab goal.

Some even can bring along several add-on effects to the body parts other than the abs like body fat burn, thighs, booty, or so on.

1. Abs exercises for beginners – from Blogilates (15 minutes)

What if you have never really workout before and want to cure your belly fat fast?

The other workout sequences can make you feel exhausted, but the below video clip will help you through the first stage of your active life without scaring you off.

I tried this before all of the other workout packs at home and felt so great about the result it brings. Blogilates is also my favorite channel for the workout and healthy life. Cassey’s gym sets are so killing.

2. 7 Moves for a flat ab at home – from Glamrs (15 minutes)

The below video contains really basic and easy-to-follow exercises that can target your ab and flatten it at home.

Some of the exercises you might be familiar with cause everyone does it, but Namrata will do them with you throughout the video and encourage you to keep moving and finish every exercise rep by rep.

It’s important that we should have somebody do it together so that we will not make excuses to skip any parts.

3. Lower abs workout in just 10 minutes – from MadFit (15 minutes)

MadFit is the channel that introduces intense workouts that all can be done in just 10 or 15 minutes to reach your goal and you can definitely practice it at home with no equipment needed.

In this link below, I share with you her series of exercises that focuses on just the lower abs, the hardest part of the abs to be toned. However, if I can do it, so do you.

4. Planks for a smaller waist, flat abs, and body fat burn – from Emi Wong (10 minutes)

Emi is a certified advanced personal trainer based in Hongkong, and she will show you the variety of plank types which is really effective for your body core, your waist, and burn your fat, too.

There are ten types of planks listed in the clip and you can finish it with Emi in just 10 minutes which is so great to fit in any of your free time in a day. No more excuses, my friend!

5. 2-in-1 set of workouts to reach the target of flat belly and round booty – from Pamela Rf (10 minutes)

Pamela introduces a series of non-stop intense movements with 30 seconds each that requires you a lot of effort and hard work to follow through.

However, the result is quite promising that you can see your body shape change after two weeks which brings you more motivation to keep going.

6. Hourglass workout for your flat abs and round butt – from Chloe Ting (20 minutes)

In this channel with 1.1M subscribers, Chloe brings us a lot of options of exercises set for our flat abs, but this below set in the video clip is one of my favorites.

The total clip was divided into three sets take the turn to target abs and butts and last for 20 minutes, which is suitable for you to aim for a bit longer training session at home.

7. 30-day challenge of flat abs – from Chloe Ting (10 minutes)

With only 10 minutes a day with Chloe for our abs, we will get better. Chloe shows us the demonstration of her current ab status and her achievement of practicing this workout set after 30 days, which is really convincing and motivating.

Per my experience, I tend to urge for longer sessions cause 10 minutes seems too short to bring any outcome.

But trust me, you will not want to seek for the long set cause it will scare you off the next day when you need to repeat it.

8. Standing abs workout – from Bowflex (6 minutes)

For the beginner who hasn’t prepared a gym mat for your practice at home, this standing abs workout is just for you every exercise that doesn’t require your back to touch the floor.

This set is also a suitable substitute for somebody whose back is hurt because of the wrong position in the previous training day.

The best part is that this set is quite fun to follow and the effectiveness is really comparable with others.

9. Standing flat belly workout – from PopSugar Fitness (5 minutes)

Those girls from PopSugar Fitness will help you to go through all these easy movements in just 5 minutes to help you achieve a fully tummy and bikini body.

Those movements are not only to help target your abs, but also the common cardio and full-body workout to help you burn your body fat in general.

If you wish to lengthen, you can increase the number of move-in each rep, or replay this video several times as you wish.

10. Flat stomach exercises at home – from XHIT Daily (5 minutes)

The 9 moves with 30 seconds each listed in this video are so energetic and intense that can bring you an immediate effect on your abs and your body, that you will not need any longer sessions.

Rebecca will bring to you the basic movements with her little upgrade details to help them become more effective to help you achieve your six-pack ab dream in just 5 minutes a day.

11. No-equipment abs workout at home – from Holy Dolke

Holy Dolke introduces us to her unique set of abs workouts in just 10 minutes that includes standing positions to customized planks to increase the effectiveness of each exercise.

This set even doesn’t require you to have a gym mat at home and you can do it right now, without any excuses can be excepted or convincible to yourself. Get up on your feet and move your body now, friend!

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