7 Best Yoga Towels for Hot Yoga

Are you searching for the best yoga towels for hot yoga? Not sure which model to pick up? Then you NEED to see the list below.

Top rated Best Yoga Towels for Hot Yoga – Most Recommended 

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Yoga is a wonderful activity. However, without the right accessories, you don’t always get the relaxing and spiritual effects from it.

Among the things that I recommend for doing yoga, a good quality yoga towel can bring you a lot of benefits.

Now, let’s go on to our reviews for the best yoga towel for hot yoga right down below. Make sure that you scroll through to pick out the one that suits your needs best.

1. Shandali Hot Yoga Towel – Stickyfiber Yoga Towel

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The Shandali Hot Yoga Towel is simple-looking, yet delivers a lot of value for yoga practitioners. It stops the frustration of slipping off from your poses. Difficult movements in yoga require you to have a good grip on the surface, and the Shandali Hot Yoga Towel is proven to help you with just that.

Did you know that the majority of injuries from yoga practice have the root of slipping? Shandali helps you to stay well on your track with gripping aid from their silicone-enhanced towels.

These features ensure that you are five times less likely to slip off from your poses.

The bottom side is made of eco-silicone, which enhances the grip greatly. We should also note that this component has just been introduced to the mat recently, so older models won’t have this web-grip bottom.

2. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design

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Healthyoga is a brand with history, and its products guarantee user satisfaction and safety. The Heathyoga non-slip yoga towel line, for example, is made of innovative microfiber.

Each fiber is placed in a calculated way to make a superior texture. Not only does it ensure your safety, but the towel also gives you a chance to go deeper and sturdier in your poses.

Another highlight of this product is its pocket design. The pockets on the ends of the towel wrap your mat so that the towel will stay firm and taut. Now, you can focus totally on the practice.

4. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel, Super Absorbent

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This other product from Shandali doesn’t have a silicone-infused bottom. Rather, it has the strength of being easy to wash and care for.

This low-maintenance nature also makes the mat suitable for bringing to the beach or for your outside yoga sessions.

It is good to use this towel with a mat, but it also goes on nicely without a base mat. The velvet-like, plush feel can still offer you comfort and firmness without the need for a clunky yoga mat.

The Shandali Gosweat is one of the most absorbent yoga towels on the market right now, making it the number one choice for the best yoga towel for hot yoga right now.

5. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel, Extra Thick

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If you need to wipe away moisture and sweat in your hot yoga classes, then the IUGA Non-Slip yoga towel is a bright candidate for many reasons. The bundle comes as a set with both a yoga mat towel and a hand towel.

The two of these high-quality towels are also carefully designed to prevent slipping and punching. At an affordable price, the IUGA also offers features from another higher-end yoga mat, like pocket corners and optimized thickness.

Although it is lightweight, the thickness of this towel is superior to a standard yoga mat by 30%. It stands at the perfect balance between a yoga mat and a  yoga towel.

IUGA also puts its users at ease by warranting a lifetime guarantee.

6. Plyopic All-in-One Mat/Towel Combo

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Rather than just a towel or a mat, this option from Plyopic is a hybrid of both a mat and a towel. It can handle well the most sweaty sessions and the most rigorous routine.

The upperside resembles a traditional hot yoga towel with its microfibers, however, the bottom side is made with a 3.5mm rubber base that enhances floor grip. The combination ensures that users can be more confident and go more smoothly in transition movements.

In comparison with other mats on this list, the Olympic hybrid mat also offers more patterns and design choices. Each of the designs is unique and dynamic, so you can find one that represents well your personality.

Each design is only on for one time, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, so make sure you grab it while it’s hot.

7. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

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Yoga Jaci is the choice if you want to stay dry and comfortable during sweat sessions of yoga class! The state-of-the-art microfiber material does a good job of absorbing the very last drop of sweat.

Yoga Jaci also solves the problem of slipping yoga towels, because they make their products with 100% highest quality materials, made of 85% polyester and 15% polyamide. The towel will stay put regardless of how rigorous you go on it.

The yoga towel from Yoga Jaci is made with mat size length, so you will be able to cover the majority of the mat with it. Therefore, you can avoid the risks of unhygienic infections, while saving the cleaning time for both the mat and the towel.

These towels are super soft, yet super durable. You can expect to use it for some thousandths of time, and even when years go by, there will be no wear and tear. If you choose Yoga Jaci, then this might be the last best hot yoga towel that you’ll ever buy.

What is a yoga towel?

You can’t use a bath towel and throw it on the mat to call it a yoga towel.

Why? Because the yoga towel should be able to absorb a lot of moisture while fitting to the size of a yoga mat.

It should also create a surface to prevent slipping, and provide more stability for your movements.

The best yoga towel for hot yoga is even more necessary because hot yoga practitioners tend to sweat much more than participants in any other sports.

To ensure that the user has a nice experience doing yoga, the manufacturers always make towels with the best material and special fabrics.

Much like a yoga mat, there are many options for style, size, and price point for yoga towels. Therefore, you may find the best fit for you without it being the most expensive!

Should I use a yoga towel for yoga and hot yoga?

There are people who like to do “bare” yoga, which means they don’t bring any accessories to their sessions.

There are also people who need the full set of mats, towels, brick, band, and much more. After all, it all boils down to your preferences.

With that said, a yoga towel is much beneficial for yoga, and even more so with hot yoga. They are of absolute necessity if you:

  • Tend to sweat a lot.
  • Your hand’s palms and feet slip a lot.
  • Need to ensure hygiene in class.
  • Want more comfort in movements?
  • Do active yoga practices like Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, or hot yoga.

How do I keep my yoga towel from slipping?

Yoga towels slipping off their mats is a fairly common situation.

To solve this problem, first, ensure that the towel is specially made for use in yoga. Secondly, the towel should fit nicely on the mat to enhance stability.

After you have ensured the compatibility of the towel, you can do some more steps to prevent slipping:

  • Lay the towel on your mat. You can choose either side. If the towel has patterns, then the patterned side goes up.
  • Before use, sprinkle some water onto the towel to dampen it. This will make sure that the towel has more grip.
  • Test if the towel slips with a basic yet encompassing pose like a Downward dog.
  • When you wash the towel, it is recommended to dry them in a low setting, or let them dry naturally under the sun.

A hot yoga towel is an aid for your yoga sessions

Doing hot yoga is one of the greatest things you can do for your health. However, Bikram Yoga sessions can get slippy and sticky really fast.

With the best hot yoga towel, you can solve the problems and move deeper, and stronger into poses.

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