7 Easy Yoga Poses For Couples

There are many ways to connect and deepen your relationship with someone, such as going out for dinners or staying on the couch for a Netflix session.

However, if you want to build intimacy and trust with someone, then few things can beat partner yoga.

All partner yoga exercises are built on communication. They allow you to be open and honest to each other while keeping things fun and light.

Strengthen the bond, as well as your physical health with these beginner easy couple yoga poses. You can try them with a significant someone, a friend, or anyone that you feel comfortable next to.

1. Double Boat Pose

The purpose of the Double Boat Pose is to focus your mind on grounding and centering. These two concepts are the foundation of yoga.

This pose also allows you to connect to yourself, to each other, to the physical and the spiritual environment for the practice.

Without any words, you will find out the deeper ways to establish communication between two souls with Double Boat Pose.

2. Back-to-Back Chair Pose

This is a great partner yoga pose for beginners because it teaches you to rely on each other for support.

The Back to Back Chair pose is a great way to build trust, especially when you go from standing to the chair stance. It also works the thigh and feet muscles in your body.

3. Seated Forward Backbend Pose

The Seated Forward Backbend Pose stretches the back and the legs intensively. It requires more harmony than the previous pose.

You will feel challenged if one of you is more flexible than the other, so take the chance to communicate clearly and take things slow.

4.  Seated Twist Pose

In this pose, you are expected to have a firm grip on each other’s thighs. Maintaining it while taking care of your own inhales and exhales shows you how to grow well, both as an individual and a part of something bigger.

The practice helps to expand your chest and lungs, as well as stretch the core, hip, and back muscles.

5. Tree Pose

This pose allows you to have a lot of skin touching, as you lean your bodies against each other. The Partner Tailor Pose works well for loosening the muscles around your thigh and hips. You can ask the partner to reposition to increase or decrease the strain on your fitting.

6. Mermaid Pose

A big benefit of partner yoga is that it helps you stretch more deeply and release stress effectively.

The Mermaid Pose can help you open the chest and the shoulders, as well as the hamstrings on your legs. You will feel a blissful connection with each other, while the good stimulation flows over your body.

7. Cat Plank Pose

Plank is basic, but it is not necessarily easy. Holding a plank with a partner can be an exercise for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

In this pose, you’ve got to depend on each other to stay strong, or else both will fall over.

The Cat Plank pose requires a high amount of core strength. With that said, because you will be close to the ground, if all else fails, there will still be a good laugh.

Keeping you – and your relationship strong

When it comes to building connection and communication, few things can compare to on-the-mat time.

These partner yoga poses for beginners will strengthen your bond and bring you closer, so why don’t you get your ohms together now?

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