22 Helpful Tips on Planning a Camping Trip for Beginners


Sep 17

22 Helpful Tips on Planning a Camping Trip for Beginners

This article is geared towards helping those first-timers when it comes to a camping trip.

You will definitely be provided with tips on planning a camping trip for beginners along with the necessary things you should know.

Keep reading the post and be ready to enjoy your first ever camping trip!

Do you want to go on your first ever camping trip yet you don’t have any idea where to start planning? This seems to be familiar to most beginners out there.

For beginners, worry not! You only need to follow some of my tips on planning a camping trip for beginners, and you will surely have a one-of-a-kind camping experience for the first time.

Sure you will experience numbers of first times as you go on your first camping trip. But with the right knowledge in mind, no doubt that you’ll never forget such a great outdoor adventure!

Planning a Camping Trip – Essential tips to follow

There could be so many things to bear in mind the moment you realized that you want to go on a camping trip for the first time.

If that is the case, be sure to be guided by the tips I will discuss below.


When and Where to Camp?

Of course, before settling on the things, you will bring as you go on a camping trip, planning the location and the target date of your trip is a crucial matter to consider first.

Best camping tent in summer

Some ideas include:

1# Camping during summer is a good idea

It is best to have your first time sleeping in a tent during the summer.

In that case, you don’t need to bring loads of gear just to keep you warm, and you can also enjoy longer evenings outside.

2# Camping close to home might as well be considered

Since it is your first time, camping close to home is said to be ideal. Why?

It is because if the weather turns or once you end up hating the trip, then you can always back out and go home immediately.

3# Avoid camping in the mountains

It is advised that you pick a campsite which is close to sea level. If you are in higher altitude campsite, the temperature might be colder at night.

So, you better stay low. Venturing to higher places might not be a good idea for beginners.

4# Pick a campground with facilities

It would be helpful if the campground has a shop since there might be something that you forget to bring even if you considered yourself to be fully prepared.

5# Keep the duration of your first camping trip short

Since it’s your first time going on a camping trip, you can simply start doing so for at least a night or two. You might not want the experience so don’t make it too long.


What to wear?

Of course, having the right clothes once into camping could be very crucial especially during severe weather.

camping gears

Be smart about which clothes you need to bring, and you need the following tips:

6# Having an excellent waterproof jacket will help a lot

A good waterproof jacket is a wise investment that you can carry as you go on a camping trip for the first time.

Once the weather turns bad, this clothing will make everything more pleasant and a lot easier.

7# Avoid any smart clothing

Yes, it’s okay to look nice when camping but you should not expect that you will always be clean.

Sure enough, you should leave those smart clothing at home and merely embrace the casual outdoor look.

8# Bringing some layers is essential too

Though layers are not made of technical fabrics, it would be better if you have fleece sweaters and merino base layers.

As long as you have a few different layering combinations that will be appropriate to the changing temperatures, it would be fine.

9# Comfortable clothing should be considered

It would be annoying if you will wear restrictive clothing as you go camping, right?

Since you will be crouching and bending more, it is advised that you wear pants which would not split every time you get out or in the tent.

10# Wear sensible shoes

During camping, you will be on your feet almost all the time.

With that, there is a need for you to wear the most comfortable shoes, like old sneakers.

However, camp shoes or hiking boots will do the job better.

Some other important things to bring include a wooly hat, a sun hat, and sunglasses too.


How about the food to eat?

Coming up with a meal plan as you go on your first ever camping trip will prevent you from eating cheap cans of stew every meal time.

camping food

Here’s what you need to do:

11# Just plan easy meals

Keep the meals as simple as possible.

However, you can still cook healthy and fresh ingredients only you need to do it the simplest way.

12# Planning a menu is better

This will make your life a lot easier and simpler.

You just have to include a cooked breakfast, on the go snacks, a packed lunch, and an excellent evening meal.

13# You also need to bring more food than the usual amount you eat

Being outside means you will burn more calories than the usual so make sure to have more food to nibble on outside the mealtimes.

14# Storing the fresh food in the cooler is needed

Including some vegetarian meals on the menu will help to minimize the amount of perishable food you bring on the camping.

You should also use cured meats which might last longer. And make sure to store them in a cooler.

15# You should also stay hydrated

Since you might be having so much fun (if that is the case), you might forget drinking water.

It’s best if the campground has drinking water, so all you need to do is to have a reusable bottle for your drinking.

And a large water container will help with cooking and for refills too.


How will you sleep comfortably?

And now, if you are planning a camping trip for beginners, a comfortable sleep at night is very much essential.

A bad night sleep, it could ruin your camping experience for the first time.

sleep comfortably

So, what you need to do is to consider the following:

16# Pick a decent camping tent

The majority of campers would say that tent is the most expensive investment once into a camping trip.

You should avoid buying the cheapest one if you don’t want to ruin your experience once the weather turns out bad.

Since this will be your first time, you can try borrowing a tent from a family or friend.

17# Bring something cozy to sleep under

Of course, you will need something warm to sleep in or under. It is ideal to have a good sleeping bag, or if you have a home duvet, then it’s fine.

18# Bringing a pillow will help too

Packing a pillow for extra luxury is excellent.

You can do this if you still have a room in the car or you can pick a camping pillow which would pack down a lot smaller and more comfortable.

19# Ensure suffice lighting

You can consider using a headlamp for you to have some lights or you can have some lanterns around the campsite.

20# Block out the sound and light

Wearing some earplugs is recommended for light sleepers. And you can also wear an eye mask to block the light.


And now, what to do at camp?

Apart from planning everything that you will bring as you go on your first camping trip, planning what to do at camp is also important.

family camping

Here are some of the most exciting things you can try:

21# Have some exciting games

Camping might be an excellent opportunity to have bonded with your family and friends.

There could be vast numbers of games that you can play such as cards around the fire, treasure hunts, team sports and hide and seek into the woods.

22# Go hiking

Because you are already outside and you want an adventure, hiking can also be considered.

You can hike within the nearby beautiful view, a waterfall, along the river and more. Just take plenty of water and supplies.


How to stay safe?

And finally, ensuring your safety or the safety of everyone, there are important things that you should bear in mind.

There is a need for you to pack a first aid kit, keep the critters and bears away and put out the fire correctly.

Aside from enjoying your first time experiences, keeping safe is also crucial!


With these tips on planning a camping trip for beginners, you might not go out the wild or go outdoor without knowing anything.

Surely, you will be more than prepared facing the challenges that a camping trip could offer.

However, at the end of the day, you will not just enjoy the trip, but you will also learn a lot which you can use for your next camping trips!

How about you? How was your first ever camping trip?

Tell us about your experience by leaving your comments below!

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