Top 5 Free Yoga Channels on Youtube for Beginners

If you are a beginner in yoga, CONGRATULATIONS! You will surely have a wonderful journey with this subject!

In today’s society, when our daily life has become too much tiring and stressful, we really need something to help us release all of them while improving our health as well.

Yoga is really a great choice for not only women but also men. Nowadays, more and more people are practicing yoga every day for a better mind and health.

Some will go to the fitness center or a private yoga class, but many people still prefer exercising at home, following the directions on the internet or TV channels.

There are a lot of options for Youtube channels. If you are a beginner, you should subscribe to a channel that is matched your level.

The below list of top 5 yoga channels may be a good recommendation for those who just started practicing basic poses:

1. Yoga with Adriene

Check the link here:

This is really a perfect channel for yoga practitioners at the beginning level. The teacher, Adriene, has worked on her channel for approximately 6 years, so her videos are quite various and consist of so many different yoga poses from the most basic to advanced level.

Through Adriene’s videos, you will see that she is a super dedicated teacher and has a huge passion for yoga.

The poses can be taught in a long or short sequence of exercises (normally a long video lasts for 40 minutes and a short video would be played in about 10 minutes) or detailed instructions on how to do a certain pose particularly.

Here you can find out a lot of yoga flows suitable for bedtime or early mornings when you just wake up and start a new day.

Adriene has yoga for all parts of your body, from the neck, shoulders, back to hands, fingers, wrists, etc. She has recently started a new 30-day yoga journey called “Dedicate”.

You are highly recommended to check it out and try the 30-day challenge! You will surely be surprised!

2. Boho beautiful

You can find it at this link:

Boho beautiful was created by Juliana Semenova. The videos on this channel are not all about yoga practice. It also contains a lot of other beauty vlogs.

The instructor doesn’t shoot her yoga guiding videos in a private room or a house. She travels to different places and does yoga flows. You might be jealous of her through all the colorful videos.

On this channel, Juliana also gives us detailed tutorial videos on how to practice different styles of yoga for losing weight, burning calories, and strengthening individual parts of your body.

Her voice is sweet, and the music also sounds smooth, helping us to easily focus on getting exercise. If you are a beginner, this channel is quite interesting for you to follow!

3. KinoYoga

Check it at

KinoYoga’s owner is Kino MacGregor, who has been a yoga practitioner for 20 years. She is very experienced and professional in teaching yoga to people from the beginning level.

She also has tutorial videos for a variety of yoga styles such as Yoga for stress and relaxation, yoga for abs and core, yoga for arms and shoulders, and so on.

Sometimes she also posted meditation videos. For the upcoming summer, you had better try her Summer yoga course with 4 parts already available on the channel for free.

4. Allie – The Journey Junkie

Look for it at

The videos on this channel include yoga sequences that have a little higher intensity compared to the beginning level.

However, it does not mean that a complete beginner cannot try this out.

Actually, you will just sweat a bit more if you follow the yoga flows here. Allie’s exercises mainly focus on building strength and getting toned.

Therefore, even when you are practicing with a series of simple poses, you still need to concentrate and keep the discipline to catch up with your pace.

There are featured tutorial videos on this channel that last for an hour and there are also monthly challenges to create inspiration for everyone.

5. TaraStiles

Link to this at

TaraStiles was also started more than 5 years ago with various yoga videos. You can find short videos from 6 to 15 minutes teaching us important poses for relaxation and de-stress.

In general, if you are too busy to follow the sequences that last from 40 minutes to an hour, and if you just prefer something quick and easy, TaraStiles would be the right place to come.

The instructor also gives us some quick and healthy tips on her channel which are all under 10 minutes, so you can subscribe to follow all the useful recipes here.

The last words

Above is a recommended list of 5 really helpful yoga channels for beginners.

Perhaps many people would ask themselves whether practicing directly in a yoga class with the instructor is better than staying at home watching tutorial videos on Youtube.

The answer is “Not really”.

In fact, it is true that you may face some serious problems if you practice yourself in the wrong pose, but even if you go to the class, the teacher also cannot cover everyone at the same time.

Thousands of people are still doing yoga by watching Youtube videos every day on their trips, before starting a new day, or after experiencing hard working hours.

And it still brings about amazing results. It is not to mention that practicing at home will help you to save a big amount of money compared to registering for a yoga course in a fitness center or a private class.

So, don’t hesitate to start your journey with yoga by visiting the 5 listed free youtube channels!

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