5 Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep Better (Youtube Videos)

Doing yoga poses for sleeping better is a very good way to end your day. While you can choose among the many basic poses and sequences, it’s always better to have a helping hand with visual instruction and calming voice.

In the post below, you will see some short yet deeply relaxing yoga instructional videos for a better night’s sleep.

I suggest you try a different video each night to find out the one that works best for you.

#1. Yoga with Adriene – 10 minutes

Adriene is among the most famous yogis on Youtube. She has created quite a handful of instructional videos that have helped many people with physical and spiritual problems.

In this particular shorter guide, you can follow Adriene through a vital sequence of poses. They are basic, but they are still the most useful yoga poses for better sleep.

#2. Yoga by Candace – 12 mins

I generally recommend short videos for sleeping aid, because there’s no use in exhausting yourself out before Z time.

What you need before the clock strikes in, is some feel-good stretches. If the video has soothing music, a guiding voice, and imagination, then that would be perfect. This is the 5-minute video that is just right for these purposes.

#3. Yoga by Candance – 5 mins

This small tutorial is not only aesthetically pleasing, but you can also do it in bed! What’s better than getting all comfy between the sheets, and falling into a deep sleep just right after doing your workout?

Because of its flexible nature, you can also follow this instructional video on your trip or when you are not at home.

#4. YogiApproved.com – 23 min

This video is quite long, but only because it incorporates important breathing techniques. As you may have known, yoga has a big focus on breathing right, as our breaths are what keep the body alive.

Just by staying in a comfortable pose and paying attention to the in and out of breath, you can release the tension that keeps your body and mind stiff during the day.

#5. Yoga With Kassandra – 30 min

Sometimes, all the racing thoughts won’t let us go into a peaceful state of mind before sleeping time. That’s when you need a longer practice, that can release the roughness and lure the sleepiness in. This 30-minute video can do just that.

It is more of a meditative practice than a physically sweating one. As you follow the guru, you will feel the stillness flow into the body. It is compatible with both seasoned yoga lovers, or beginners.

No more tossing and turning

Life gets unnecessarily hard when we don’t get enough sleep. By doing a few simple yoga poses for better sleep before tucking in, your life quality will improve significantly.

And make sure to let us know if any of these beautiful videos have come to your rest aid!

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